Why having a sense of humor as a teacher is important?

Sense of humour: a personality that gives someone the ability to say funny things and see the funny side of things


You arrive at school. In between photocopying, tidying your classroom, replying to emails, catching up with your colleagues, lesson-planning and jamming the printer, it’s time for breakfast. What shall it be today?


Coffee? Or… coffee?


Through shivers and chattering teeth, you curse the day you complained about the classroom radiators being ‘too good’. Oh, what you wouldn’t do now to have that sweaty greenhouse of a classroom back – as opposed to the walk-in freezer that it is now.

It’s important for us as teachers to have a sense of humour in the classroom. Telling jokes is a common ice-breaker, and will ease awkward or uncomfortable situations especially when teaching English as a second language. Teachers who use humour improve student engagement; student retention of learning; and the student-teacher relationship. Evidence shows when humour is used, students learn faster and remember more.

Using humour, or having a sense of humour is important because it helps create an environment where students (young and old) can learn. If you have a sense of humour, you are able to make fun of yourself when you make a mistake.

Teachers aren’t perfect and it’s good for all students to recognize that; then they are more willing to accept that they aren’t expected to be perfect either. In this kind of setting, , it’s okay to take risks-to participate in discussions whether you know you’re right or wrong. Students feel safe and comfortable to take chances. When this happens, real learning can take place and real progress is made

So remember when you are next in class… A JOKE A DAY KEEPS THE MISTAKES AT BAY!