Anglia Academy Kosovo
Offers internationally recognised qualifications in the field of English language studies.

Our step-by-step structure means Anglia Academy qualifications can be invaluable to a for a very wide range of students. We involve and welcome students of all levels not just the best pupils. Anglias experience is increasingly used within schools at numerous educational levels in regular and bilingual education.

    Join our members at Anglia Academy and take advantage!

    All the schools that Anglia works with all receive the benefits of our members program such as discounts on exams and books, access to our Members' Portal with practical exams and priority access to our Student Portal with unique exercises.

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      You are invited to become a member of Anglia. As a Member of Anglia you have the following benefits:

      ◾ 10% discount on England exams & Speech tests

      ◾ Exemption from administrative costs for speaking exams

      ◾ Up to 40% discount on England Step To Books

      ◾ Free promotional materials (including England Open Day Package)

      ◾ Free attendance at Anglia Members' Meetings

      ◾ Two copies of the Teacher Handbook

      ◾ The right to use the Anglia logo on all online platforms